Line Sheet Design Services

Every business that has products to to sell, needs something to showcase them. A line sheet is a clear display of your products with any pertinent details that a buyer would need to place an order. Their sole function is to be used as a sales tool to entice prospective buyers.

Each line sheet starts with your ideas and your direction. Don’t have any, no problem! We can create something from scratch! Our goal is to guide you through the process and create a line sheet that effectively sells your products, while incorporating your brand identity.

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By using the list below as a guideline, you can create a checklist of some of the things that you will need to have ready and available for your line sheet. Keep in mind you can always add or remove categories to fit your needs.

  • Product CategoryThere are main and sub categories. Main categories in fashion include Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Toddler, Baby, etc. Sub categories go one step further in identifying a product and can include Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Outerwear, Accessories, Shoes, etc.
  • Product Display OptionsYou have different options when it comes to the way images are displayed on your product line sheet. A. Vector Drawn (Fashion Flat) Images , B. Photo-Realistic (Mock-Up) Images, or C. Product Photography (Actual Photos). See the Product Display Options below. We recommend using real photos for the best response from buyers, but sometimes products are in production and samples are not available to photograph. In this case, photo-realistic, mock ups can achieve a similar feel.
  • Product DescriptionYour product should have a clear and concise description of what it is. A buyer should be able to easily identify what each item is. Keep in simple and avoid “fluffing” the wording. Save the creative copy for your lookbook or catalog pages.
  • Style NumbersEach product should have style numbers that follow a consistent layout. Ex: Style #-Main Category-Sub Category- Color (100-M-TS-BL)
  • Fabric + Material Information This is pretty self explanatory. Include any fabric or material information here.
  • ColorwaysThis is all of the different colors your product is available in. When there are more than a few, they may be displayed as swatches rather than the full image. It is all dependent on space and your other items. Consistency is key! In terms of the color names, this is not the place to be overly creative. Rather, choose familiar words and keep it simple.
  • Sizes AvailableAgain, pretty self explanatory. List any sizes your products come in. If you have a fit guide, you may also want to have this handy.
  • Prices (Wholesale + Retail)Before committing to your pricing, make sure you are making money! Don’t forget to add in all of your overhead. Once you have your cost, you can figure out your wholesale price. From there you can figure out your Suggested Retail Price. The standard retail markup is typically two times the cost (or wholesale price), also known as keystone in the retail industry
  • Season (Delivery + Cut Off Dates)When it comes to fashion, it is important to call out seasons, delivery dates, and cut off dates. However, there are items, such as accessories, home items, jewelry, etc. that may be a year round, staple item. In this case, it would be best to leave out the season and include the delivery and cut off information on the order form. This also allows the business to both add to their line sheet/catalog as their product assortments grows; and it allows businesses to use the same line sheet for a longer period of time.
  • Your Contact InformationA buyer should be able to contact you from virtually every page in your line sheet, so make sure it is easily available to them to find.  


We work with numerous preferred industry printers, allowing for an endless array of papers, finishes, and quantities.

For small quantities, we recommend checking your local Office Depot, Staples, Kinko’s, etc. Ask what they charge for color copies and what binding options are available. This will give a professional look, without having to print high quantities.


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