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Logos are the core of a company’s brand image. It’s the first thing a customer sees, and should say who your company is and what your company does. Its main purpose is to gain recognition. However, many small business fail to realize the importance of their logo design. If your company doesn’t have a logo or is thinking about redesigning it’s current logo, you have come to right place.

Design Options

  1. Logotype/Wordmark logos are when the company brand is being built around the name of the company. This type of logo incorporates your company or brand name in an individually styled font type design. Font types come in thousands of  different variations, shapes, sizes, and styles. Each one is unique and will have a slightly different impression upon the intended audience. Examples: CNN, FedEX, DELL
  2. Iconic/Symbolic logos use graphic imagery to convey a literal or abstract representation of a company. Symbols are less direct than straight text causing them to leave room for broader interpretation, but have proven to be some of the most memorable. Examples: Apple, Nike, Starbucks
  3. Combination Wordmark logos are graphics that have both text and a symbol/icon. This option can help your customers achieve clarity on your brand and well as better recognition of your brand. Combination wordmarks can be integrated or stand alone and separate from the text. Both are suitable options, but depending on your name one may work better than the other. Examples: Starbucks (integrated), AT&T (stand alone)

Design Process

  1. Creative Pile will schedule a preliminary meeting (web or live) to discuss the design project with you.
  2. Once the design is complete, the digital design proofs will be sent via email.
  3. While we are sure you will love your new custom design, we understand that there may be modifications. As a courtesy to our valued customers, we provide 3 complimentary revisions (just in case).
  4. Revisions must be emailed to info@creativepile.com.
  5. Once the revisions are received, a Creative Pile associate will confirm the changes and resend the updated digital design proofs via email. **Please proof carefully, as anything beyond the 3 complimentary revisions will be an additional charge.
  6. As soon as the artwork is approved, Creative Pile will email you your custom logo in the following formats; .pdf, .eps, .jpeg. If you need additional formats, please let us know.



Are you interested in a branding consultation, graphic design, or printed materials? Or maybe some combination of all three? Let us know how we can help!