Tee Shirt Design

This project included developing a tee shirt design for Da Hui, Hawaii. And although every project is unique, they all start with discovery. By starting with research, we are able to learn more about the brand, the competition and current trends. 

Since we were creating artwork for longtime Hawaiian surf club, Da Hui, we knew it was imperative to incorporate traditional Hawaiian elements in the design, to represent both the brand and brand culture. We started by sketching the general layout, using the name, a tagline, established date; then added a surf board and some Polynesian “ocean” tattoo symbols. 


Concept + Refining

Whether a tee shirt design or other graphic design, we typically start by sketching out a few rough layouts/concepts of our ideas before refining them on the computer. 

On this particular tee shirt graphic design, we wanted to give the art a hand-drawn look, for a more natural and organic vibe. To achieve this finish we uploaded our rough sketch to the computer, and used a Wacom® drawing tablet with custom digital brushes. 

As you can see, the design is similar to the original sketch, but we expanded on the concept by making the smaller surfboard a Koa wood longboard, with the company name and logo, as our centerpiece (as they were used in the beginning stages of the sport) and refined the text placement and wording to create the finished design. 


File Setup + Printing

Once the tee shirt design is finished, we decide on the final color ways, tee shirt selection, and printing method (screen printing, sublimation, etc).

We then set up the files for print, in what’s known as a “tech pack”. The tech pack contains all of the technical details of the design (color callouts, artwork sizing, artwork placement, etc). This ensures a consistent run, regardless of the printer you choose. 

Need something similar? Looking for a tee shirt designer? Let us know how we can help with your project!

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