how to choose the perfect brand name

If you’re thinking about choosing the perfect brand name for you’re business you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips to helpyou through the process.

Avoid the Tendency to Depend on Google

There are tons of great findings on Google. Remember that people are just posting their own opinion on how to create that perfect brand name and normally have an ulterior motive.

Utilize Academic Research

This can be done through journals and publications found in a library, online, etc.

I utilized the University of Phoenix Library. I strongly suggest this as a more viable option with solid research done to back up any suggestions that may be offered to you.

Don’t Rush

You are so excited that you can barely contain yourself to get your business started. Remember to still stay present, pay close attention to detail, and creativity fires from there.


While I was searching for my perfect brand name, I found many extremely simple meditation videos that created a whole new world of creative possibility. You can “YouTube” mediation for creativity and pick your favorite. Don’t just stick to one either. You will find many that may fit your own interests.

Benefits of Meditation

  1. Self Compassion: A few minutes per day will teach you to remember to take it easy on yourself, while still maintaining focus.
  2. Drop the Ego: When we start a creative project, many people fear the possibility of failure. If you can learn to drop the ego, you will no longer carry this dead weight burden of fear.
  3. Stop Thinking So Much: Sounds crazy, right? I know. Let’s face it. If you are still thinking about the mountains of distractions in the outside world, no creative genius idea will ever take place. Stillness of the mind becomes vitally important.

Use Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements about your project and your way of being with a call to action. You can write them out, and then say them in the mirror. Never underestimate the power and conviction you have to create just by looking at yourself in the mirror as you spout off these affirmations. Remember all great projects only come from breaking out of your own comfort zone.


“ My intuition clearly guides me to the right brand name.”

“ The search for a brand name adds value to my company.”

“ I will find the perfect brand name.”.

Tailor them to meet your own needs and personality. The trick to creating affirmations with power is three parts: See it! Think It!, Believe It!

Choose the Perfect Brand Name

After you use this information to start the initial selection process, you are the only one that will know when you are ready to make the final selection.

“Key Words” – These are the most often used words within your industry.

I suggest in the final stages once you have found enough mind stillness regarding your selection to spend a few days carrying around many of your industry key words on index-sized note cards. Spend a few minutes randomly throughout the day gazing at the words. You will be surprised what a powerful visual activity this can be. The final solution needs to be memorable, and concise. This really is the only rule.


The beauty of choosing a brand name is there is no “correct way” to do it. Use this information only as a guide. Mix and match with your own personality. Most importantly, in the events leading up to your brand name selection, just be yourself and you will be surprised how well your results will shine.

[message type="custom"]ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Josh Dent (Guest Blogger)
Josh Dent is a 35 year old bilingual M.B.A graduate currently in the process of starting a blog about the wonderful powers of Bikram Yoga. He is fascinated by the impact positive thinking lays on all creative endeavors. He also enjoys performing in amateur stand-up comedy nights in the Phoenix area.[/message]

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