style logo rebrand

The Style Network was launched on June 12, 1999, featuring everything from fashion, design, interior decor, and urban lifestyle. While the brand image was fresh and fitting in 1999, 13 years later it was time for a logo rebrand, and in June 2012 they did just that with the help of NY-based design firm, Gretel.

Style has been on the air for over ten years and though they’ve enjoyed some success building an aspirational, upbeat network that viewers trust, the brand wasn’t reflecting their full potential. They were looking to make a big splash, and to craft an image that truly lived up to the promise in their name. We really wanted to capitalize on this opportunity to give Style a look, energy, and point of view that would help them stake their claim in the category.


Logo rebrand while staying true to brand

As a design firm, this is how we know it’s time for a logo rebrand. While we deal with smaller scale businesses, the story is still the same… all businesses want their brand to reflect it’s full potential. In order to accomplish this, the brand image needs to stay current, while remaining true to the brand.

Take a look at the before and after photo above. While the core of the logo remained the same and kept its identity, the few slight changes completely updated and lifted the brand image, actually making it style-ish. Also, notice how their new logo rebrand is reflected in everything they have, from tv to web. It is especially important to make sure your brand image is consistent.

Below you can see the logo construction, logo fills, logo signatures, website incorporation, and an on-air montage. What a difference!

style logo rebrand


style logo rebrand


style logo rebrand

style logo rebrand

Client: Style Network
Design + Animation: Gretel
Typefaces: ITC Caslon 224, Centrale, Flama Condensed
Images: Under Consideration: Brand New