Custom foil Business Cards

Think about the last time you handed out your business card? Yesterday, last week, last month, or perhaps never. Too many businesses have abandoned the importance of business cards in their marketing efforts. Most of this is because they are too busy with other marketing ideas that they thought would give them better market exposure.

Just think about the customers you lose by failing to give your business card. It is likely that the person you handed out your card is not an immediate customer, but he can always be a future patron. Better yet, someone in that person’s network might need your products or services today.

For decades, small and large businesses have trusted on business card to introduce them to the public. Though old and traditional, these cards are still seen as one of the most essential materials to include in a marketing campaign. The good news is business cards can be customized to meet the modern and innovative look business owners want today. There are actually several ways you can make a plain, traditional card look cool, modern, and enticing. You can consider printing plastic cards, magnetic cards, or any design which you think best represent your business.

A customized business card would always be ideal to small and startup businesses for several reasons:

It would get you noticed in the crowded market. There is a reason why businesses make their business cards as appealing as they can be, and that is to get noticed. If you cannot impress your prospects in person, then you can use your impressive card to get them hooked.

They are likely to be kept. When people receive cards that are unusual and striking, they are likely to keep them. Even if you just made your card out of a torn cardboard box but designed it in such a unique way, your card is still likely to get place in the table top or the fridge for future reference.

Plastic or metal business cards are durable. Traditional paper cards get easily torn. If you invest in plastic or metal, your cards are likely to last for a long time. Similarly, people will see you as reliable and solid with this type of cards.

You can use your business card printing in non-traditional ways. For example, you can stick them on catalogs, wine bottles or anywhere your target clients are. This allows you to get the exposure you want in unique and striking manner.

What is important is to determine what kind of business card design will suit your business. Ask yourself: would this design give people the image you want them to have of you? For instance, if you are a pharmaceutical company serious about your work, you cannot just design your business card in a funky way. Such design would be utterly inappropriate to the impression you want to have. Conversely, if you are a good-humored, weirdly inclined in a crazy fashion sense, then you owe it to yourself to produce a creative, colorful, and unforgettable business card.

Keep in mind that you are going to carry your business card around with you, so be sure to make them handy and compact. Work on your own customized business cards today and make meeting people more fun and exciting.

Author: Lynne Saarte

We have worked with numerous successful fashion and beauty companies, creating line sheets, lookbooks, and catalogs. Our goal is to help capture the attention of buyers with beautiful graphics, while increasing your sales. With over 10 years of experience in everything from marketing and branding, to product development and graphic design, we are hoping to pass on some of the information we have learned along the way.


  1. great article. We recently made business cards with the QR reader. We figured with smart phones
    people could scan the card and pass it along. With new technology and creativity, it’s Intersting to see what will come next

    • QR codes can be very powerful tool. You can use them to drive traffic to your site or you can use them to automatically add your contact information. Great idea!