Creatives work on all sorts of materials each day and they come to a point where they lose their enthusiasm, drive and creative ideas for work. This is the point where you reach the level with most stress and workloads, thus making creative ideas vanish. In this article, we will tackle how designers and creatives alike can extract more creative juices from their systems. Below are 6 tips to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Look for Inspiration

The world is yours. Inspiration is everywhere and can be triggered by anything you hear, see, touch or smell in your environment, so always keep a notepad, camera, video recorder and voice recorder with you. (A cell phone can take care of most of these.) Your largest radar in finding great ideas here are your senses. Study and appreciate other people’s creations and then develop your own ideas from them.

2. Get Some Rest

Have a dose of good sleep, relaxation and power naps to untangle that web of ideas. If you don’t have a clear mind, it won’t function well and there won’t be any room to groom your thoughts. Whenever you feel tired, bothered, or confused, take some time to rest and recover. When you wake up, you will have a more focused mind that is ready for reflection. In contrast, when you’re feeling down (sad or discouraged but not necessarily tired), you can take advantage of the fleeting feeling and trigger this emotion to create designs inspired by the melancholy.

3. Watch a Little Good-Old TV

That box of TV, regardless of size and technical specifications, offers many channels where you can fish for ideas. Turn to the news and find out what’s happening locally and globally; turn to the lifestyle and food network to see more colors, artsy designs, and be entertained with how different people decide and live their everyday lives; turn to National Geographic, Discovery or the Travel Channel channel to explore the world and all of the cultures around us. A mix of all these, including drama, horror, thrillers, comedy, action and other genres of shows can certainly help you find a start or direction in producing something with a flair of ingenuity.

4. Read Books

Reading books, whether fiction or non-fiction, keeps your mind busy thinking and picturing what you’re reading, allowing your imagination to run free. While reading, your subconscious mind enters another realm of sorts and when you go back to the dimension of reality, your ideas will start ticking in and a flicker of your design brushes will bring the mundane into liveliness. Be stirred by their meaning and recreate their stories by reimagining them. Reflect and frame them into designs in a way only you can, with your personality and background.

5. Find Somewhere Comfortable

If you find yourself losing concentration designing in your usual working place, at home for instance, then move someplace else. It can be in a coffee shop, a nearby park, or the library. Remember, the world is still yours. Find that comfortable working area to spur creativity. Wherever it is, it should be a place where you feel happy, relaxed and undistracted. If possible, make it like a “home”. Light candles or spray scents to your change your environment and get your creative mind cranking. Once you find/create this perfect haven, you will see your creativity and productivity increase tremendously.

6. Try New and Crazy Things

Leave your comfort zone. Expect the unexpected. You might know yourself a little better when you set yourself free to do something crazy yet tolerable. When you think you’re not capable of doing something and you go for it, your adrenaline levels rise, allowing your imagination to go wild. Try climbing a mountain, trekking, scuba diving and the like. Skip the ordinary and daily routines to feel a roller coaster of sensations. Then make use of that experience and get your imagination to go on overdrive.

Creating designs doesn’t just entail mixing colors, experimenting with the use of different brushes and tools, and drawing different images to form a unique work of art; it also involves capturing the interest of your audience and getting them to appreciate your creativity and output. Many designers have literally torn their hair out when they get designers’ block and just can’t seem to get their creative juices flowing.

As a solution, you just have to keep finding ways to stay inspired and confident. When you’re feeling discouraged, trust your instincts and work on it. You never know when your ideas will click. Create, try and try again. The truth is you have to practice and create as much as you can; creativity is much like a muscle that needs to be exercised in order to consistently produce quality results.

[message type="custom"]ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alexis Thompson (Guest Blogger)
Alexis Thompson is an alumna of Martin College Australia, a freelance writer, a former mountain backpacker, regular runner and former food outlet business owner. She is a 26 year old mother of 2 daughters, Sophie and Rhian and she is into almost all types of music, especially The Fray and Hillsong. Follow her escapades on Twitter here.[/message]

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