Do you ever wonder why the photos of McDonald’s food looks so different from what you actually get. Here’s a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at a McDonald’s photo shoot. Hope Bagozzi, Director of Marketing- McDonald’s Canada, takes a fresh burger from McDonald’s, directly to the photo shoot to get side by side photo comparisons, and show us the reason.


  1. McDonald’s needs to do more of this ‘behind the scenes’ exposure to get people to be more comfortable with the product.  The public is becoming more distrustful of advertising and big corporate America, and this type of honesty from McDonalds is refreshing.

    • We couldn’t agree more! We stumbled upon this by accident and were happily surprised to find that they would put this much effort and time into answering and reassuring the public.

  2. Being into photography you just know the photo is from a studio and the real thing is from a fast running kitchen. Well done for doing this and showing what happens behind the photo and the real thing! Btw…who is the lucky one to eat that yummy burger?

  3. Mac Donalds is pure evil…. please people go out and buy yourself some REAL food… this is so fake…. they could improve their product by using real cheese in stead of a piece of plastic…. and wrap that piece of garbage meat into a high quality bun in stead of a sponge bun.. their fries are made of second choice potatoes… if you keep your burger in it’s original package it will still look the same after five years!! the burger won’t digest like normal food…. and it just goed on and on…. I’m completely cured I will never eat at mac donalds again! unless they come up with a high quality product in stead of their fake product they’re selling now………