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We are new to Instagram… but already hooked! We kept putting off joining, just because we have enough to keep up with, but we are seriously digging it! Since we know we’re not the only ones, we thought we’d share some cool sites that can bring your Instagram photos to life…


Hence the name, they do it all… mini prints, square prints, mini books, tiny books, posters, stickers, and t-shirts. We love the tiny books… how fun! PrinstagramPrinstagramPrinstagram


We love that you can choose any photo and print it on just about any size canvas. With over 125 print options, Canvas Pop is great for anyone who is looking for an easy way to print their custom photos on canvas. Starting at $39.95. Canvas pop


Blurb maks photo books for your Instagram photos. Make them for home or make portfolios, brand books, ebooks, client presentations, event books for businesses. 20 pages of Instagram photos run $11 for softcover books and $22 for hardcover. Blurb


Who wants a one-of-a-kind iPhone or iPad case? Print your instagram pictures on your iPhone or iPad case in 3 easy steps with Casetagram…. what will they think of next!? Staring at $34.95. Casetagram


Well this is a cool idea… we’ve seen Instagram photos printed on just about everything, but this is the first time we’ve seen them printed on tile. Prices range from $4 – $35 depending on size. We are thinking a DIY project is around the corner… Image Snap


  • Sean

    Also checkout Kanvess.com for perfect little 3×3 inch Instagram prints.

  • And may I also suggest custom sets of Instagram business cards with Alchemoo! http://www.alchemoo.com/

  • nice design great creativity that the Instagram photos printed on tiles is impressive.