promote with creative business cardsIf you are an effective and savvy business owner, you probably recognize the power of marketing and what it can do for your business. With today’s tough economic condition, things are tough for a lot of people and businesses. People are cutting back on things that are not extremely important. That is why you need to make sure you have creative business cards.

You need to be creative and cost effective in promoting yourself. For example, you can create custom pens, mouse pads or key chains that contain your logo and business name. You can also create postcards that contain some of your best photos, that is if you are a photographer. You see, designing custom marketing materials is incredibly easy and cheap these days.

The Importance of Business Cards

One marketing tool that never goes out of style is business cards. A business will not be complete without business cards. In fact, business cards are one of the most crucial marketing tools that are indispensable in every business. Just imagine if have to write your contact details in a piece of paper every time you meet a prospective customer. This would really be tiring. Distributing your business card is much easier than having to write your details all the time.

Nonetheless, even if you know that printing your business card is very crucial in marketing your business, you have to optimize the purpose of your business cards. Presenting your contact details is just half of what business cards can really do for the success of your marketing campaign. Most people when they have received your cards, they store them on their drawers or cabinets and even on the business card file, and only taken out when needed. Why waste the effectiveness and functionality of your creative business cards when you have the power to manipulate their function to gain more benefits? Remember that your business cards are your best representation.

Think Outside the box with creative business cards

As an alternative, to keep your business cards from getting thrown on the side, you can always turn them into artistic materials to give you the market edge you want. You can do this by having your contact details printed on materials other than paper stocks. Some of these materials can help your targeted clients and customers remember you better. Modern technology has provided businesses with the flexibility to create something new and out of the ordinary such as business card templates printed on plastic, and magnets. Just imagine your contact details placed on the fridge of every household or on the mouse pad of every computer set where they be seen regularly. This will surely help make your business visible and easily recognizable to people. You can also try business card pocket calendar or even a business card post-it.

There are actually unlimited opportunities and possibilities to design creative business cards. The key is to understand what you customers want and need, and use that knowledge to create a business card that address that need. Instead of storing your business card on tables or in drawers with no purpose whatsoever, until the time that your customer need them, your business cards must be put into good use. When you are able to do this effectively, you will surely have a large possibility of improving and increasing your business’ return of investment.

Author: Lynne Saarte

We have worked with numerous successful fashion and beauty companies, creating line sheets, lookbooks, and catalogs. Our goal is to help capture the attention of buyers with beautiful graphics, while increasing your sales. With over 10 years of experience in everything from marketing and branding, to product development and graphic design, we are hoping to pass on some of the information we have learned along the way.


  1. That’s right that We can always turn our Business card into artistic materials to give us the market edge We want. Business card is the most effective part of over business promotion. So choosing the business card design is very important.