1. Justin, I disagree with your statement,
    “The most important step to
    effectively do brand development is to create a logo that conveys a message
    behind the business to everybody all over the world.” I don’t disagree
    just be contrary but, for these important reasons: Your
    “step-by-step” guide tells us “what to do” instead of “why”
    we should do it. Your list of “don’ts” was actually more telling. “Your
    logo should describe what your company brand stands for.” Yes! That means, one of the
    most important steps -is to define what your company stands for – on paper so
    everyone knows. And while you’re at it, DEFINE YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER, exactly
    WHAT THEY GET from you and WHY THEY WOULD BUY IT FROM YOU over anyone else.
    When this is written down for everyone to know and understand, ONLY THEN you can
    begin thinking about design. How can a logo convey a message behind the
    business and “remind” an audience of what it stands for unless everyone knows what
    that message is? After all, how can one design a logo if they don’t know,
    exactly -who they’re talking to, what they get or, why they should buy it from
    you? Also, please don’t design it for “everybody
    all over the world”. Design it specifically for the ones who would care – your
    ideal audience! No one else cares or matters! Period. Hint: Even Coke has different logos and tag lines for
    other peoples and cultures in the world.