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Who would you take more seriously; someone with a home printed and cut business card, or someone with a full color, professionally design card? Enter to win 1,000 FREE printed + custom designed business cards!


Must complete both to be eligible:

  1. Leave a comment on this post, telling us why you need a business card and what business you’re in. (Scroll down to bottom of post to comment.)
  2. Sign up for Creative Pile’s specials and promotions newsletter. The newsletter will only be sent to you when we are passing on a deal or important information. (Scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your email, choose your preferences and click “Subscribe”. Don’t forget to check your email to verify your subscription.) See image below.

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  • Prize: 1,000 printed + custom designed business cards via Creative Pile ($250 value)
  • Details: 2-sided, full color, 15pt card stock
  • Contest ends February 15th, 2012 at midnight PST
  • No purchase is necessary
  • Odds of winning are based on number of entries
  • Contest is open to U.S. residents 18 and older
  • Shipping not included
  • Business card design does not include logo design. If you wish to use a logo, it must be provided via email. Acceptable file formats include .jpeg, .eps.


We use the “old-school” method of printing out individual entries, mixing them up in a hat, and choosing one lucky winner! Don’t worry, we use recycled scratch paper.

If you’re still not convinced that you should enter our giveaway, click here  to watch a video on business cards that we recently posted on our blog.


  • Anonymous

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Notabarbiegrl

    Hello! My name is Beverly and I’m a certified massage therapist located in the south bay, CA. I make house calls, bringing the peace and serenity of a spa into the comfort of your own home. I would love to open up my own business one day, but until then I’m grateful just to make your feel better.

  • SHOEicidal

    My name is Christina and I am one of the owners of SHOE-icidal.com we are looking to step up our image and we know that Creative Pile can help take us to the next level xoxo

  • Shotintheblue

    Hello, My name is Zack from San Luis Obispo, Ca. I am a college student and photographer, and I am looking to open my own business. Getting my name out there so I can book more gigs and make more money to open my business is critical! Business cards seem like a very professional and accessible way to start all this. 

  • Linda

    Growing my own Real Estate business and would love to see the quality of your business cards:)

  • Cucinabella

    Fresh out of school and I need to get my name out there…

  • My husband needs new business cards…please help!

  • JBD

    JohnBlazeDesigns (JDB): Is looking for business cards for the web development sector, message me on twitter, as I have a business proposal for you… Regards, JBD

  • Jaimefurtado

    Hi, by the way, I love your blog and the quality work you are doing. I have a consulting business and other activities on the side. Good luck for all the participants. Thank you for the opportunity to apply.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to everyone who left a comment. Please keep in mind, you must subscribe to our blog to be entered into the contest (http://bit.ly/rIGMCc). Once you subscribe, you will receive an email… don’t forget to click the link to verify.  

    The winner will be chosen and posted within a week of the contest end date. 

    Thanks again and good luck! 

    -Creative Pile

  • Andy

    I am just on the brink of getting some new business cards for the record label I work for ‘Baker Street Recordings’.  2012 will see us kicking off our events in a big way so it would be quality to have some wicked cards to hand out at them.

  • Rick

    Real Estate is my next profession. Help he get the word out @mashrealestate Thank you.

  • Lmerritt49903

    I would be use these as “photo sharing” cards to place on tables during our wedding reception. They would announce to our guests to upload their best photos from our special day to a public flickr or shutterfly account!


  • Lmerritt49903

    I am a new email subscriber!

  • Lmerritt49903

    I follow on twitter!


  • Anonymous

    Hey guys! We’ve changed the contest subscription eligibility as of 1/7/12 to make it easier… but don’t worry, if you’ve already signed up, you’re good to go! Thank you and good luck to everyone! 

    – Creative PIle

  • I am Starting up a Business, to give people a good Minecraft Server to play on!


  • You are the best!

  • I’m a seller on Etsy.com.  I’m just starting a business card swap and will need lots of cards to pass out and mail to my swap partners.  I just ordered a quantity but anticipate needing many more…As for my store, I will have lots of new and original items coming up to list that will hopefully attract more buyers to whom I can pass along cards 🙂  Thank you for your consideration.

  • I need business cards to help me promote my blog and my handmade crochet shop on Etsy.
    aprile.mazey (at) att.net

  • Signed up for your newsletter.

  • Following you on Twitter. @armazey:disqus

  • Liked you on Facebook.

  • 88Styles

    I just started my own social media marketing company and not having to pay for my first batch of business cards would mean I could spend the little capital I have on customer acquisition.

  • Chunkstyles88

    Followed on Twitter and liked on Facebook

  • Really very nice way to get the business cards freely. But i would like to ask you whether the card you provide free are made from the good material ? And the design of the business card will be of chose by us or it will be default by you?

  • sadly, it’s only open to US residents 🙁 otherwise I am looking to begin promoting myself as an author and need a great brand look. Good luck to everyone else!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Friends!

    Thank you for entering our 1,000 Business Card Giveaway! The contest ended February 15, 2012 at 11:59pm. We have started the process of getting all of the entries (multiples for those who “Liked” us on Facebook and “Followed” us on Twitter, as promised) together and will be announcing the winner this Wed, February 22nd. Good luck to everyone!

    … Don’t worry, even if you don’t win, we will be extending a special disount to those of you who entered! Thanks for your support!

    Creative Pile

  • Territanna

    hi my name is tanna i am a career promoter  @BbeObs:twitter

  • Ab

     thanks for the new biz cards !!! amazing .

  • great job on the BBS banners .

  • Bluedevil20 Ac

    We own the Dre&McKay business. We need business cards because we are a young business trying to get more customers and fans. We are very passionate about Dre&McKay! We love ALL of our fans and customers! We could really use these business cards to show people who we are! We also follow you guys on twitter. Thank you for this oppurtunity!